Available Services

Franchise Disclosure Document


An FDD is the window to your entire brand and should reflect everything a future franchisee needs to know to join your team without hesitation.  Many Franchisor's do not utilize it as a true sales tool that can help them grow.


After years of experience, I have become very interested and passionate about perfecting the art of creating a wonderful FDD and would love to assist you in creating the most useful document possible.


Part of my business model is to perform an initial review of your existing document and prove value in our initial call.

Real Estate


If your Franchise Brand requires securing real estate, then it's time to take a look at how you aquire space and how you protect yourself as the Franchisor. 


Opening over 100 Camp Bow Wow Franchise locations has allowed me to learn in a real world environment how to perfect the art of providing your Franchisees site selection assistance.


Revenue success has been directly tied to real estate viability driven by the Franchisor, let's learn what your secret sauce is!

Sales Process


The strength of any Franchise Brand begins here.  Great owner's can follow a well explained process and can prove they will be a great fit for your culture.  That dedication on the front end will reflect in their success as a franchisee in your system.


Creating the right process for your investment level and business model is crucial to setting the tone for the rest of their time with you.


It takes a lot of perserverance and guts to require your future franchisee's to do things a certain way, but the results will improve every part of your business!


Strategy and Coaching


The long game...everyone knows you should spend time thinking about how every action will create results down the road. I understand it can be really hard to do when you are just trying to get by with your day to day work!


We can create a program to guarantee you are spending the appropriate time on this important part of the business so that there is the proper balance for you and your team.


Growth will not occur unless you innovate and see past your email box!